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Image by Greg Rosenke


Pastor Brad Rigney

I want you to know…Jesus loves you!  People often think I say things like that because I’m a pastor, but really it’s the other way around, I’m a pastor because God has touched my life with His love and grace. I love serving the Lord as a pastor because I get to meet people like you – people with all kinds of backgrounds, occupations, histories, and life stories to tell. Yet, in over 25 years of full-time ministry, I have found that everyone has similar needs to belong as they seek Faith, Hope and Love in life. That’s what you will find here at NPCC: a place to belong and people.

People of Faith – as we find God is real and His ways are good.
People of Hope – we all face difficulties in life and yet there is a Hope promised to us in Jesus.
People of Love – God so loves us and we are people who respond to that love through our worship of Him. We are also transformed by His love to help us better love others – whether that is our spouse, children, co-workers, fellow church members, as well as fellow neighbors and citizens.

​I hope you will come visit us so that I can meet you personally and so that you can meet us, as people of Faith, Hope and Love!

~ Pastor Brad

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