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Image by Greg Rosenke


The North Park Community Church is part of the Advent Christian General Conference with around 275 churches in the United States of America and 651 mission churches in other countries.   The denomination grew out of a movement that started with William Miller in the 1800s that was about proclaiming the Second Coming of Christ. The denomination was formed in 1860 and as it spread out from the East Coast an Advent Christian Church was formed here in San Diego in 1911.  It was founded in faith by A. Vernon and Velena Morse.  Their inspiration and vision were taken from Joel 2:28a, “And it shall come to pass… that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.”   With the help of the Advent Christian Conference of Southern California, the church began in a tent in downtown San Diego on October 19, 1911, with 8 charter members. 

A property search committee recommended two lots at the corner of Kansas Street, now 29th Street, and Landis St.  Mr. D.A. Davis, a Pasadena resident, purchased the land and held it for the church. In June 1912 the tent was moved to the new property. The church’s first permanent pastor, Reverend Samuel Forsey, came in December 1913.

North Park Community Church circa 1914

In 1914, Mr. Davis provided the labor to build a church and parsonage on the property.  Just before its completion, he announced that the church was a gift to the people of San Diego, free of all debt, in thanksgiving for God’s goodness to him and his wife, Mary.   The church was dedicated to the Lord on November 11, 1914.  The church grew as they were faithful to God and serving the community.  As it grew new ministries like the Women’s Home and Foreign Mission Society and Loyal workers, now the youth group were formed in 1915; Men’s Fellowship in 1959; Children’s Choir in the 1970s.

NPCC through the faithfulness and sacrifices of its members and godly leadership has been faithfully serving North Park and the San Diego area through all the changes in its history:   the severe flu epidemic and Great Depression in the 1930s;  times of war like World War II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Gulf War; The North Park airplane crash in the 1970s, etc.   Through these community changes, there have also been changes in the church facilities.  In 1951 the church sanctuary was expanded and a church fellowship hall was built.  In the 1970’s it was time to remodel and renovate again.   A new fellowship hall replaced the parsonage including a complete kitchen.   Other changes include sending some key leaders to the mission field as the Lord called them.   In the 1990s NPCC renewed its commitment to North Park and not to relocate as so many people and even members moved to different suburbs of San Diego. So another renovation occurred making the church handicap accessible and earthquake strong. This major renewal project changed the church to its current look.


North Park Community Church circa 1951

Today, we still have faith in the Lord and desire to faithfully serve the Lord in North Park.   We want to Love God and Love People as part of the North Park Community.  We've sponsored Boy Scout Troop #53 for the last 40 years. We also host Narcotics Anonymous and have partnered with other organizations to benefit those who live in our community like Scleroderma, Hospice of San Diego, Election Day Poling, Electronic Recycling, Blood Drive, and many others over the years.


North Park Community Church circa 1979

Heritage is important and what a wonderful heritage we share with North Park as the North Park Community Church. God’s desire is that everyone will come to know His love through a personal relationship with Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  As a church, we are committed to the Lord and our community with love, faith, commitment, sacrifice, and perseverance.  Come and be part of this great heritage at NPCC.  


North Park Community Church circa 1995 to present

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