Blog Entry: 05/31/2017

Making a Difference
By Pastor Brad Rigney

I think that everyone has a common goal. What might it be you ask? We all want to know that we are significant and that our time on this earth matters. Deep inside we all want and long for purpose, significance, to make an impact, a difference in our world. We want to Make a Difference!

One of the great teachings in Scripture is that from the very beginning, in Genesis, God created us to Make a Difference as we partner with Him in His work. Part of our being created in the image and likeness of our God is that we can Make a Difference.
God is leading us as His people in 2017 to focus, learn and commit ourselves to Make a Difference, not just in a temporal way but for eternity. We get a glimpse of this truth through Jesus’ Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) and Great Commandment (Mark 12:28-30). We also learn about it in 1Cor. 3:16 where the only thing that will last for eternity is that which we do in the name of Jesus and for the Glory of God. I.E. that which we do with people to know and grow in Christ as we seek to build His Kingdom.

So we started this Year off learning, How we can Make a Difference:
1. Commit yourself to Jesus as Lord and connect with Him regularly. Jesus is the Difference Maker. Through Him we can too.
2. Make a Difference by caring for people’s needs: physical, emotional, spiritual.
3. Make a Difference through your Story – like the blind man who said, “All I know is I was blind and now I can see.”
4. Make a Difference by Inviting others to come see Jesus; to come to church with you. John 1 – Andrew invites Simon Peter; Phillip invites Nathanel.
5. Make a Difference by sharing the Gospel with friends, family, others. People need Jesus- He is the Hope for life and eternal life. He has called us as His people to be a witness and share our faith with others. This is the ultimate difference maker.
6. Make a Difference through your Giving. This is about investing in the eternal by investing in God’s work of helping people and bringing the Gospel to others. It involves our Tithes to the church; supporting godly causes that feed, assist, help people, etc.
This year, let’s commit ourselves to Jesus and connect with Him as The One who Makes a Difference. Let’s get involved in the planned ways of Making a Difference through NPCC as we plan to Feed the homeless, refugee ministry, clean up for North Park, serve God at NPCC, Invite people with our Invite cards, Mexico Mission trip, etc. You can do it. You can Make a Difference… for eternity! You are important to God’s mission – so lets Make a Difference!